A Unique Approach

Focused on speed to market, we have designed our methodology around the ability to get a project up and running before the opportunity fizzles.

In our Advanced Technology Group, some of the brightest and most enthusiastic tech brains we’ve ever encountered are dedicated to researching new technologies and analyzing new industry trends. The ATG applies their knowledge to each project, generating ideas and formulating best practices that will be followed by the development team.

We build an "incubator" team of skilled professionals, onshore and offshore, specially optimized for a particular project. Following the principles of agile software development, we apply the rules of Scrum framework to ensure continued momentum and flexibility throughout the project's development lifecycle.


Developing in “Sprints”, incremental phases usually around two weeks long, the team’s focus is on productivity: getting the job done, creating something tangible that can be tested and improved by the stakeholders.

  • 1
  • Representatives of our Advanced Technology Group work together with a business analyst and stakeholders to conceptualize a solution that makes the most of emerging technologies and best practices.
  • 2
  • A software development team is formed. Onsite project manager works closely with the team, reviewing progress in a Daily Standup, adapting to changes in requirements and removing obstacles on behalf of the developers.
  • 3
  • We deploy the initial prototype on our sophisticated cloud-based application platform for beta testing. Engaging with our Beta Community, we supply the first 150 users of the system to facilitate User Acceptance Testing.